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ICI Journals Master List

Register your journal in a scored and prestigious database of scientific journals.

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ICI Publishers Panel

A comprehensive system for managing the process of editing tasks in your journal.

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ICI Publishing

Your professional journal publisher.

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ICI Scientists

Join the global community of scientists and present their achievements.

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ICI Science Evaluation

Excellent tool to support management of current projects and to track progress in the evaluation process of the institution.

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Index Copernicus International is an international, specialized platform for promoting scientific achievements, as well as supporting national and international collaboration between scientists,  publishers of scientific journals and scientific entities.

Country: Poland
City: Warsaw
Address: Ul. Żurawia 6/12
00-503 Warszawa
Telephon: +48 22 487 53 93
E-mail Address: office@indexcopernicus.com
Website: www.indexcopernicus.com
MS&HE Journals Search: Sandra Madalińska-Piórkowska
e-mail: sandra.madalinska@indexcopernicus.com
ICI Journal Master List: Robert Doboszyński
e-mail: robert.doboszynski@indexcopernicus.com
ICI Publishers Panel: Robert Doboszyński
e-mail: robert.doboszynski@indexcopernicus.com
ICI Scientists: Małgorzata Łada
e-mail: malgorzata.lada@indexcopernicus.com
ICI Science Evaluation: Marta Niezgoda
e-mail: marta.niezgoda@indexcopernicus.com
Department of Scientific Journals Subscription: Renata Kozak
e-mail: renata.kozak@indexcopernicus.com
Billing and Invoice: Agata Przytucka
e-mail: agata.przytucka@indexcopernicus.com